My name is Christoph. I’m travelling spain and Portugal from June on.

What’s up?
updated 29. September
back home!!!
Had a wonderful time with Katleen, a french lady I met in Sintra hiking along the coast.
After deciding to go back home I met Sina in a pub on the coast of Portugal who offered me a ride home with her and Andre the very same evening! Long ride but good company…
Arrived back in Munich Friday night and will stay for some time in my parents house in Bernbeuren to get everything arranged.
I will bring this travel blog to an end there…
Thanks everyone for taking time to read and taking part!

Why travelling like this?
– like to travel like that and never did it
– learning spanish
– love nature, especially mountains and the ocean
– visit some communities here because I want to be living in a community in Germany as well (I´m using the Eurotopia directory and ecovillage.org)
– visit some friends I already know (mostly through Couchsurfing) and get to know some new
– do some hikes on the northern Camino de Santiago
– have a mixture out of a great  outdoor experience (like last year in Sweden) and getting to know the country, language and people

Light, so I can hike with all my stuff, otherwise mostly by train and bus. I love to sleep outside so I’ve got an air mattress and a sleeping bag with me. As long as it’s dry I can lay down my head on every stone I find on the way. Other than that I’ll stay with Hosts from BeWelcome or CouchSurfing.
To find good organic and vegan food I use HappyCow.

Started in Donostia and followed the north coast to Bilbao, went down to Madrid, then to Granada and spent two weeks in the Valle de Sensaciones. Now I am going back to Noblejas (close to Madrid), then to Tamera in the south of Portugal and probably visit Lisboa and the coast of Portugal next.

started in middle of June, planned two months but can stay as long as I like (gave up flat and work before I left)


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  1. Hi Christoph!
    This is a cool idea to do during your trip!
    I hope you enjoy your time in Spain (and Portugal)
    I´ll follow your adventures 😉

    LG, Kimi

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