I have taken part at an Introduction Week with the Focus on Energy and Technology in Tamera. I am so touched and impressed by the people I met, the stories I heard and the work I have seen there, that I not only think about how I can support their work but also consider staying there for a longer period of time. The perspective of being part of this beautiful model, working for a big aim and the chances for personal growth that this place offers are attracting me a lot.

First, there are their wonderful projects like the solar village and the water retention landscape. The solar village is an attempt to use sun power for supplying a village with food, water and energy without the need of buying any items from industrial production.
The water retention landscape is basically restoring the original water circles. They are building lakes according to the given landscape structures. The area suffers from drought. The ground is no longer able to absorb rain water due to interference of man, so the rain in winter is running down the hills and rivers and goes straight into the sea. The lakes, which are not sealed, catch the rain water and let part of it seep away in the ground. By that, the ground water level rises, new springs pop up and the dry country with a long period without rain and a short period of rain water running down the hills turns into fertile land with constant water flow of mineralized, clean spring water. Sounds like a fairytale. And that is what it felt like as well when I was there.

Then there is the theoretical footage, provided by Dieter Duhm and Sabine Lichtenfels, the founders of Tamera. I started reading “Eros Unredeemed” and “The Sacred Matrix” and find a lot of my own thoughts in there. The books go far beyond my thoughts though. Dieter Duhm spent most of his life with practical research, never giving up on the idea to create a living environment for humanity that is able to bring and sustain peace within the members and in coexistence. After having read parts of his books I feel that he came pretty far and that Tamera is definitely a wonderful approach of bringing this to life. Especially the high priority he assigns to free and truthful relations and sexuality as a precondition for a peaceful society convince me. I am searching for my way in this anyway and his thoughts about it, especially in “Eros Unredeemed”, could get really significant for me.

I have heard beautiful stories. There lives a woman called Rabea. Before she moved to Tamera and started an education in water retention landscapes she was a political activist in middle east. Now she is one of the plant leaders of a new lake they build on a neighbor ground. She was so touched by experiencing how she is now using the big machines she was once blocking from their destructive work to heal the landscape by building water retention landscapes. Her story touched me a lot as well as the willingness of the community to support each member in his way and his work that I could sense through her words. But she told another story that left me speechless. Before they build a lake, they ask the landscape for permission. If they get it (don’t ask me how exactly that works) they go there to tell all the animals to leave the area. Rabea also asked any animal, that might need help, to show up. They saw a wild pig there for the first time after that and it seemed to be hurt somehow. She went there again, tried to contact the pig and told him that she had seen it and asked it again to show up for there are people in the community that are able to help. The next morning the pig was lying right next to the machines with barbed wire around its body. They took it with them and care for it now. This story still brings tears to my eyes.

To put it in contrast, I have also had some experiences that I did not like too much. I did not feel welcomed by everyone there. As I am really sensitive to elektrosmog I was shocked when I noticed that there is WiFi all over the area. It also seemed the way they try to live their relationships (open relationships, which does not exclude partnership) seems to cause some trouble, but that is just logical to me and would occur in any relationship model that puts value on truthfulness. I also heard stories in which I feel some of the principles are applied without considering special circumstances. Shutting down parties at around midnight was criticized a lot. I also see the the arguments for it as the party culture out here as well in my eyes is mainly driven by the hope of having some sex in the end. If you want another culture where you don’t need to drink and stay up all night to be truthful about your sexual wishes, then it is a good idea to deal differently with party.
All in all in my picture Tamera is a place of free thinking and acting. It probably doesn’t make sense to be there without agreeing basically with the views of Dieter Duhm. There are some rules like you are not supposed to eat meat in Tamera but there seems to be no one telling you how to live your relations. I think that a place in which so many people agree on some ideas will always influence my thoughts, but I cannot find anything “dangerous” about Tamera and the thoughts behind it, in which peace and freedom of each one is pointed out again and again as not only an aim, but also a precondition for their greater aims. I write this because Dieter Duhm had to leave Germany for founding Tamera mainly because of media bashing and also because some friends already wrote me that they have heard about some weird stuff going on there.

I recommend everyone to have a look at what’s going on there, through visiting or the website. I also recommend the books of Dieter Duhm (haven’t read any of Sabine Lichtenfels yet). “Towards a new culture” is also available as free download.

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